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Phillip King, Thomas Dane Gallery and Kistefos Museum Norway
Kelsen in collaboration with Scott Associates Sculpture and Design fabricated and installed a large scale steel sculpture by Phillip King at Kistefos Museum in Norway.

The project was developed by scaling up the artists model and 3D rendering of the sculpture, which was then developed into production drawings by our design team sufficient to allow it to progress to fabrication.

Alongside the development of the sculpture detail KELSEN were responsible for foundation layout, setting out on site, informing substructure requirements and co-ordination of this work by a Norwegian based contractor and the sculpture requirements.

The completed design also incorporated a complex galvanized steel base structure to which the principle sculpture elements were attached.

The finished work was completed in Glasgow including all fabrication, specialist preparation and painting of the steel elements to withstand the extreme temperature range between Norwegian winter and summer conditions.

The sculpture design and fabrication process was completed in a breathtaking 10 weeks from confirmation of order.

KELSEN also arranged export licences, transport of the sculpture elements from Glasgow to Norway via road and sea, and all the installation logistics.

The completed work was installed on-site by KELSEN and Scott Associates Sculpture and Design technicians within four days. Each subframe and sculpture element had to travel 1 kilometre from point of delivery to point of installation which is encircled by trees. This required detailed co-ordination between the site installation team and our Norwegian partners. This process was made additionally difficult with all the elements having to pass through a railway underpass with the largest piece, transported on a specially devised lifting/transport frame, clearing existing structure with millimetres to spare.

Phillip King Free to Frolic, 2015. Courtesy Kistefos Museet, Norway. Copyright the artist 2015